“The Bachelorette”: feet, kisses and the farewell of five candidates

TV review “The Bachelorette”
Feet, kisses and saying goodbye to five candidates

Talk therapy during the foot massage: Adrian and Jenny


Bachelorette Jenny messes up drastically in this episode. Before that, however, she treats herself and the boys to a visit to the beauty salon and takes a man out for a romantic walk.

Sixth episode, we are still in Thailand, there is still no sign between Bachelorette Jenny and the remaining gentlemen quite great romance. Her little son, who also celebrates his first birthday at the beginning of the current episode, holds the greatest place in her heart. How does he find it at 18 to have gotten a year older for the first time in a dome show? Maybe not the worst party anecdote. As evidence, the candidates should later write him letters for a time capsule. Kitschy messages from guys completely unknown to him – but the boy will be happy when he can finally read them in 17 years. Well, probably.

But RTL is primarily about the relationship between Jenny and the men. That’s why the bachelorette quickly pays the candidates a visit to their beach villa. It’s going to be cozy: by candlelight and rosé champagne, the men’s children’s photos are examined. As expected, this is cute. “All nine of us were super cute Children”, Gianluca later states patronizingly.

Cute kiddies, bad guys

After all the nostalgia action, the bachelorette and Fynn move to a private corner. You don’t hesitate for long, then the two start snogging. It actually looks almost romantic. However, the corner is not as private as they thought: Oguzhan peeks around the corner – and catches the two. “They’re making out!” he reveals to the others, outraged. After that, the atmosphere in the villa is really uncomfortable. None of the boys really know what to say and Jenny soon says goodbye. Poor Fynn still has to take a lot of fat.

The mood is at least a little better when the first group date of the episode is loaded: Jenny wants to go through the full beauty program with Adrian, David and André on “Girls Day”. We learn an interesting thing about the Bachelorette: “I find feet very disgusting,” she says after the pedicure with the boys. That’s why she didn’t look closely at the men’s extremities.

What’s going on with Adrian?

During a private leg massage with Jenny, Adrian gets the chance to explain his regular emotional outbursts. She seems moderately convinced and seems annoyed by so much concentrated emotion. She gets revenge later when she can tear the hair on his back and chest off his body (and poor David too) with strips of wax. Ouch. The rather shy André is then allowed to stay there afterwards. He sits with Jenny on an idyllic terrace while crickets and cicadas chirp. The bachelorette thinks the noises are from birds. When André correctly guessed that it was mostly insects, she gave him a disgusted look. “That would be a bit disgusting!” uh, okay? The date is going well, but there’s no spark.

The next day Jesaia, Markus, Gianluca, Oguzhan and Fynn are allowed to play football with Jenny and a group of children. Sure: The Bachelorette’s less about the kicking skills of the boys than how they deal with the kids. Jenny then speaks privately with Jesaia, who has always been extremely lovable. The two had kissed in the last episode, which had not triggered the expected feelings in the Bachelorette. She doesn’t want to give up on him just yet. Jenny also chats very nicely with Gianluca.

Fynn gets an extra sausage, the bachelorette goes for a roantic walk with him. However, after a few steps it starts to thunder and pour like cats and dogs. With plastic capes, “like a full-body condom,” says Fynn, the two traipse on. And kissing again. Uiuiui.

A dramatic night of roses

The night of the roses then partly takes place in the pool, and the boys can hardly take their eyes off Jenny’s bikini buttocks, which are indeed luscious. Adrian then gives her a letter and a gem he got from his mom. Both very romantic – but the bachelorette seems to have cooled down significantly and can only be softened to a limited extent by the emotional words and gestures. She even tells him that quite clearly: “I don’t want games, I don’t want toxic – I want boring, I just want it!”

Later, Gianluca takes Jenny aside. He is so good friends with Fynn that he knows how well the bachelorette harmonizes with the competitor. That’s why he wanted to go voluntarily. She understands that and is definitely not appropriately saddened by such a quality contender leaving the show early. But that could also be because she has to send five men away anyway – and now there are only four. Because the next episode is about the Dream Dates, and the time in Thailand is history.

Now the dream dates are waiting

In the end, the self-confident Oguzhan, the nice dad David, the actor Markus and the shy André have to go. Adrian, Jesaia and Fynn are coming to the Dream Dates. So no surprise at all.

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