The alleged shooter and his accomplice imprisoned, the mother released

Three days after the Nantua shooting, during which Mustapha G. was killed, three people were indicted, the Bourg-en-Bresse prosecutor’s office announced on Saturday evening.

Mehdi I., the alleged shooter was remanded in custody after being indicted for murder and attempted murder. Mourad D., one of his friends, suspected of complicity, was also imprisoned. But in another prison establishment.

Finally, the mother of the main suspect, who took part in the fight that started it all, is indicted for “complicity in murder and complicity in attempted murder”. She no longer has the right to go to the department of Ain. However, she was not imprisoned.

The prosecution, which had requested that she be placed in pre-trial detention, will appeal this decision, indicates Sophie Taupin, deputy prosecutor of Bourg-en-Bresse, adding that “other indictments are likely to be intervene in the next few days”.

Tensions between two rival “clans”

A violent dispute between families I. and G. would be at the origin of the drama. The evening before, the shooter and one of his friends went to Lake Nantua, where they “would have bothered young minors” related to the deceased, Mustapha G.

“There would have followed several altercations and threats between the two” camps “in the evening and in the night”, specifies the assistant prosecutor. The two men would then have gone to Lyon to buy a revolver, the weapon of the murder.

The next day, while they were in front of a bar in Nantua, Mehdi I. and Mourad D were attacked by members of the rival family. Among which, the 19-year-old victim. According to the elements communicated by the prosecution, the young man would have immediately thrown himself on Mourad D “who will be beaten by the three men, including on the ground, without trying to reply but simply to protect himself from the blows”.

“A general fight ensues, a great confusion in which the gendarmes do not manage to have the upper hand or to clearly identify who is doing what”, adds Sophie Taupin, specifying that at this time, Mehdi would have taken out his weapon. to shoot Mustapha G and other protagonists.

The main suspect, aged 28, had been convicted twelve times for extortion, aggravated theft, violence with a weapon. His accomplice Mourad D is also known to the police and justice services since his criminal record has 16 mentions. That of the mother is, on the other hand, blank.

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