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Garden Trends
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The right time to make changes

Winter is a good time to take the time to think or rethink your garden. Sitting warm on your sofa on colder days, you can make plans for your future arrangements.

In fact, the period before the arrival of spring is conducive to changes and if you find that some of your plants are not in the right place, you can move them. It is also a good time to divide your perennials, start sowing annual or perennial plants to flower your garden at a lower cost, buy or order seeds or plants according to your needs.

Creating a calendar can also be useful to you throughout the year.

A garden focused on savings

Let’s face it, the cost of living continues to increase and the garden budget melts like snow in the sun. This does not mean that you are obliged to adopt the “abandoned land” style. Here are some trendy solutions.

Gardening without spending too much

The best solution is to bet on seed sowing to enjoy more plants at a lower cost. You can also take cuttings from your loved ones’ plants or multiply yours.

If you have well-established perennial plants, it is possible to divide them outside of the frost period.

Additionally, be on the lookout for good deals, because in some cities, “Seed swap” events are organized, generally by associations. You can also find people on social networks who donate seeds in exchange for other seeds or a stamped envelope, such as, among others, on Facebook via seed donation groups.

Leboncoin can also be a valuable ally for finding plants at low prices. Otherwise, nurseries are a solution for buying plants at attractive prices.

Gardening to save money on the Food budget

Don’t hesitate to invest every square meter of your garden to install vegetable plots or create a vegetable plot. You can thus grow your own vegetables which you will then have the pleasure of consuming knowing where they come from. Likewise, plant fruit trees and small fruit shrubs.

Gardening to give yourself flowers

Do you like to buy yourself a bouquet of flowers from time to time? So, don’t hesitate to create a floral corner in your garden with annuals, perennials, grasses, bulb plants that you particularly like. You will thus be able to make bouquets at a lower cost and, at the same time, you will promote the development of biodiversity in your garden.

A garden focused on sustainability or recovery

Concerned about reducing their environmental footprint, many people opt for sustainable gardens. It can be quality furniture that can be kept from one year to the next without it deteriorating.

THE choice of reproducible or perennial plants is also preferred so as not to find yourself having to buy all the seeds every year. Recycling is also very trendy, it can be in the form of antique pieces that will enhance your garden and give it a unique touch, but also in the form of repurposing objects to find a new life for them.

A garden more focused on nature and the natural

In these tormented times, the return to nature and a need for freedom are felt. One of the consequences is that many gardeners no longer want to endure all the constraints of a well-maintained garden.

Here is some news that will satisfy everyone: one of the 2024 trends is a more natural and freer garden. You can forget about the large areas of perfectly mown grass.

In 2024, gardens will give way to wild flower beds, aquatic features, areas left wild to invite wildlife and enjoy these benefits. As for flowers, you can turn to nativars, that is to say cultivars from native plants, such as garden valerian, meadow geranium, buttercup, lung clover, large daisy, wild rose bushes, etc.

The advantage of this type of plants is that they are more resistant to drought and disease. Without forgetting that if you opt for a wilder garden, you will be freed from a large number of constraints.

A garden that invests every square meter

In this quest for greenery, the objective is to seek to use the entire area available in the garden And green walls fit perfectly into this trend. You can therefore opt for climbing plants, such as bougainvillea, jasmine, ipomoea, bignones, etc., which will help hide an unsightly wall or fence.

Likewise, concrete surfaces, such as balconies or terraces, can be hidden using potted plants. So, whatever the surface area and type of exterior you have, there is no excuse for doing without the benefits of the presence of plants.

A garden that plays with colors

In recent years, the trend has highlighted plants in soft or pastel shades, in 2024, a turnaround, because it is the vibrant colors that will take precedence. Indeed, the 2024 trend gives a great place to exuberant colors. Furthermore, the arrangement of the plantations aims to be more random for a more natural look.

In addition to adding colorful touches to your garden, play with scents by installing fragrant plants in the most frequented places.

A garden synonymous with an island of freshness

With summers getting hotter and hotter, we want to create a space where we can recharge our batteries during these heatwave periods.

To avoid seeing your plants die one after the other, it is therefore important to turn to those that are able to withstand these extreme growing conditionsas well as drought episodesbut also towards plants with luxuriant foliage, such as banana trees, palm trees, abutilons, etc., which will allow you to create oases of freshness, as well as spaces sheltered from the sun, but also from prying eyes.

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