the 2023 Indoor spring/summer catalog

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The main spring summer 2023 trends according to Maisons du Monde

The common point between the Maisons du Monde 2023 Outdoor catalog and the Indoor collections is undoubtedly the taste for beauty. Because the Arty decoration is undeniably the red thread of the different atmospheres offered this season.

Game Of Colors, Materials And Patterns
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Through its flagship collections, Maisons du Monde invites us to play with colors, materials and patterns. Faced with a certain ambient gloom, we break with very wise interiors to create a bubble of good humor and cheerfulness.

Xxl Proportions
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If you still like natural materials and bright neutrals, you’re going for pieces with XL proportions that invite you to chill. And we don’t hesitate to have fun with textiles or small furniture to warm up the atmosphere by opting for cognac, terracotta shades or even ocher yellows.

Organic Spirit
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This season, we are doing more than inviting nature into the home: we are moving towards an interior in communion with it. Organic materials and colors are therefore safe bets, with a predilection for very telluric warm hues.

Spring Summer 2023 catalog Maisons du Monde: the flagship collections

One thing is certain: Maisons du Monde does not take half measures when it comes to offering new products! This results in a certain inequality, and some collections are more interesting than others.

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This season, it is impossible to miss Zurich, the Bauhaus spirit collection from Maisons du Monde. With its half-ethnic chic, half-Arty inspiration, this collection plays with abstract shapes and primary colors. Among the most interesting pieces: the textiles, but also the lighting, which gives pride of place to vegetable fibers, the ceramics, remarkable for their very graphic sets of handles, and even the crockery.

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The Maisons du Monde Spring Summer 2023 catalog offers different very colorful atmospheres. We are particularly fond of Valencia. This collection, dominated by gourmet orange and a very contemporary soft green, features checkerboard patterns, stripes and naive patterns.

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The most playful is the Rio collection, which revisits the 1980s. Tubular design, vibrant colors and Color Block spirit awaken the decor with style.

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Minimalist and organic, the Ikaria collection is deceptively wise. Because if the colors are sober, a touch of blue and a delicate interplay of materials bring relief.

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While Maisons du Monde sticks to trends, the brand nonetheless retains its favorite styles. One of its specialties is the jungle/exo-chic atmosphere. Unsurprisingly, it therefore offers collections in this spirit. On the program: exotic bestiary and organic matter. We love Aveiro.

Spring/Summer 2023 catalog Maisons du Monde: pieces to shop

Once again this season, new products from Maisons du Monde are on the rise. However, some pieces stand out!

The Aveiro Cactus
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We love Isidro, a cactus made from woven natural materials. This two-tone piece seduces both by its large format and by the care given to the finishes. We like it in an urban jungle or ethnic chic atmosphere. We love it to add a twist to a contemporary or Nordic-inspired decor.

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You haven’t yet found THE sofa that will transform the living room into a chill and stylish space? Now is the time to consider an alternative: the Pump chair. Because if it is chewable solo, it becomes downright hot if you decide to collect it to completely furnish the living room.

Aveira Non-Woven Wallpaper
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From time to time, Maisons du Monde tries its hand at wallpaper. And the result is often convincing! This is again the case with AVEIRIA, a non-woven wallpaper that revisits the jungle look in a very current version. Its colors are particularly hot if you fall for rattan furniture.

Jute Hanging
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The Ourika jute suspension is distinguished by its dimensions as well as by its two-tone look. Enhanced with a gold metal chain, it raises the level of decoration in any room of the house!

Pomegranate Plates
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To set the table for summer time, we put without hesitation on its plates decorated with a pomegranate motif with a naive design and colors to bite into.

String Lampshade
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From lounge chairs to decorative accessories, rope is one of the materials that are beginning to make people talk. Maisons du Monde has adopted it for Sartene, a lampshade that enhances both boho interiors and chic country decor.

Terrazzo Coffee Table
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With a contemporary tufted rug or a Berber rug, with a classic straight sofa or with a rounded sofa: it’s very simple, the organic coffee table works every time. And with Galto, its model in terrazzo and solid mango wood, Maisons du monde signs one of the prettiest models of the season.

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Always very skilful in creating vintage furniture, Maisons du monde signs a new success with its Griffith range. And the model to shopper is without a doubt the unstructured bookcase – hot and ultra-functional.

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