That’s why Gabriel Kelly is really taking part

Gabriel Kelly comes from a famous family. He is the son of “Kelly Family” star Angelo Kelly. The German musician with Irish roots is now taking part in the 17th season of “Let’s Dance”. What Gabriel Kelly expects from it.

“Let’s Dance” candidate Gabriel Kelly works as a construction worker

Gabriel Kelly was born on July 3rd, 2001 in Krefeld. In addition to the well-known last name, Angelo Kelly also passed on his singing talent to his son Gabriel. It is therefore not surprising that the “Let’s Dance” candidate began working on his own singing career early on. He focuses on a genre that the “Kelly Family” was not previously known for: rap. The 22-year-old had to pay for the production of his first music video “Bye Bye” himself. Gabriel earns money for his career as a construction worker and street musician.

The “Let’s Dance” candidate learns early on what it feels like to be a musician on the streets and on big stages. As a child he toured Europe with his family. The son of Angelo and Kira Harms Kelly has four siblings; his younger sister Helen worked with Gabriel on the song “Sucht”. In autumn 2023 he dedicated the song of the same name “Helen” to his sister.

Is Gabriel Kelly in a relationship?

Gabriel Kelly is in a relationship with Leoni Miller, who also comes from a musical family, the “Miller Family”. In addition to music, the two also seem to share a love of animals and nature. Gabriel Kelly and Leoni Miller worked together on different farms in Spain for six weeks, as the musician revealed on Instagram.

He wants to learn to dance for his girlfriend. Because she is a very good dancer, Gabriel Kelly reveals to RTL.

Gabriel Kelly is pursuing this goal with his participation in “Let’s Dance”.

With his participation in the RTL show, Gabriel Kelly is following in big footsteps. Because his aunt Maite Kelly secured the title of “Dancing Star 2011” in the fourth season. “I’m very happy that I can present a different side of myself on stage – away from singing,” the musician explains to RTL. Gabriel Kelly has not had any dance experience so far, which is why his time on “Let’s Dance” is a “big challenge” for him.

Nevertheless, he approaches the trip with respect and optimism. His goal: “To always give 100 percent and then be able to dance with my girlfriend,” summarizes the singer. Viewers can see whether he can build on his aunt’s “Let’s Dance” success from February 23rd at 8:15 p.m. on RTL.

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