Textbooks: Interview with David Klett – Economy

Will there still be textbooks in the future? What else is more important, says publishing entrepreneur David Klett. He explains what classes will look like and how to run a family business without strife.

Interviewed by

Caspar Busse and Christina Kunkel, Stuttgart

David Klett, 45, welcomes you on the top floor with a view of Stuttgart’s Feuersee. Grandfather’s desk is still here, and paintings of the ancestors hang on the walls. David Klett’s great-grandfather founded the company 125 years ago. Klett, together with Cornelsen and Westermann, dominates the market for textbooks and also operates day-care centres, schools and universities. The Klett Group, with sales of around one billion euros, now includes more than 80 companies and around 500 brands, including the dictionaries from Pons and Langenscheidt.

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