Tencent Cloud Launches 3-Minute Deepfake Creation Service for $145

Tencent Cloud — the cloud service provider of Chinese tech giant Tencent — has launched a new digital human production platform that allows users to create a deepfake of any person based on a 3-minute video clip. and audio content of 100 sentences

Tencent Cloud’s deepfake will use Tencent’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to create fake videos of people.

In 2022, Tesla CEO Elon Musk warned of a number of deepfakes impersonating him to promote “fake videos.” deception cryptocurrency on the rise

according toreportAccording to local media outlet Jiemian, Tencent Cloud’s service can analyze and train itself with a 3-minute video and 100 audio clips to create a credible deepfake video within 24 hours. 4,950 baht)

Deepfake (left) generated by Tencent Cloud’s AI service Source: Tencent (via Jiemian)

The Register reportsconfirmCo-developed with Tencent and stressed that the service can develop deepfakes in Chinese and English, there are five forms of digital human creation: 3D realistic, 3D semi-realistic, 3D cartoon, 2D real person, and 2D cartoon.

meanwhile Other Chinese tech giants, including Huawei and Baidu, have begun developing their own AI tools to compete with market leaders like ChatGPT.

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