Tell us about this teacher who made your return to school unforgettable

Thursday, September 1, 12 million students will return to school. A return to school disrupted this year by the lack of teachers and the use of many contract workers. And yet, even with these questions and these difficulties, the start of the new school year remains a strong moment that is anchored in memories and sometimes for the best.

Whether you are still in school or have been out of school for a long time, tell us about this new school year that you have not forgotten thanks to this passionate teacher. Great welcome, original presentation, spectacular scientific, sports (or other) demonstration, special teaching method, tell us about a first week of lessons that particularly marked you

» What grade were you in? Who was this teacher? How did he mark this return to school? You can testify by filling out the form below. Your answers will be used to write an article. Thanks in advance.

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