Tegernsee: There is more trouble around the Saurüssellm near Bad Wiessee – Bavaria

If you already spend 249 euros for a meal in an alpine hut, you won’t have to walk up there! Because the “Tegernsee Delight” recently should certainly not only come from those 927 meters above sea level, on which the former Söllbachau and current Saurüsselalm in the hinterland of Bad Wiessee are located.

The Söllbachaualm used to be a simple alpine pasture, completely without food and without an entry on the hiking maps of the municipality. As the “Saurüsselalm” it has been a real event location for almost two years at least at times, and that is precisely why it has been controversial in many ways, see “Delight” with contributions from four top chefs from the valley. But getting there was more difficult than usual.

Because otherwise dark shuttle buses often drive up to the Alm during events. They are even allowed to do so, but actually only without passengers and hut guests. Because the approval from the Miesbach District Office only provides for descents, so that the event audience does not rumble through the forest in bawling groups at night. On the other hand, if these vans are allowed to drive down, then they have to go up first, and it might not matter who is in the van.

Recently, however, the passengers were opposed by the Bavarian State Forests in the person of their Schliersee forest operations manager. They feel compelled to maneuver their log trucks down the long detours into the valley because the large landowner and Saurüsselalm owner Franz Josef Haslberger no longer allows these trucks to roll on his forest paths. However, a part of the road to the event pasture belongs to the state forests, which the forest manager has cordoned off with a couple of red and white cones to enjoy it.

He previously announced the closure to Helmut Kohl’s former personal chef and Haslberger’s current hut host, Martin Frühauf. Haslberger actually took precautions two years ago and had a heavily fortified ford built through the Söllbach in the direction of the Saurüsselalm. The fact that the creek bed is also state property had only prevented the completion of a new bridge, but not that of the ford – and on the day of the treat neither the photographically well-documented crossing with at least one dark off-road vehicle and a tractor with a trailer. There weren’t any cones there either.

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