Olivier Faure is delighted that the party was able to “overcome” the “overplayed disagreements”

At the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure and Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol ratify a “unanimous” agreement

The delegates ratify the victory of Olivier Faure

Politics | PS Congress in Marseille: end of the crisis, the delegates massively validate the agreement between Faure and Mayer-Rossignol

Faure and Mayer-Rossignol have reached an agreement

Olivier Faure receives Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, who still disputes the result of the internal election

After the crisis, Olivier Faure regrets a “bad controversy”

Faure confirmed winner after a new count, Mayer-Rossignol still contests

Faure reaffirms his victory, an “irresponsible” position according to Mayer-Rossignol