Suspicion: Investigations against Thuringia’s CDU leader Voigt stopped

Investigations against Thuringia’s CDU leader Voigt stopped

The Erfurt public prosecutor’s office has closed an investigation against the Thuringian CDU party and parliamentary group leader Mario Voigt. photo

© Jacob Schröter/dpa

The suspicion of bribery hung like a dark cloud over the top candidacy of Thuringia’s CDU leader Mario Voigt for the 2024 state election. The investigation has now been discontinued.

The Erfurt public prosecutor’s office has started its investigation against Thuringia CDU party and parliamentary group leader Mario Voigt was hired on suspicion of bribery. The suspicion was not confirmed “as a result of the extensive investigation,” according to a brief statement from the public prosecutor’s office in Erfurt.

The 46-year-old, who wants to run as the CDU’s top candidate for the state elections next year, had been under investigation for a good year. The state parliament revoked Voigt’s parliamentary immunity in autumn 2022. The CDU politician reacted with relief to the discontinuation of the proceedings.

It was about an order from the EPP

The public prosecutor’s office investigated the question of whether Voigt had undue influence in the 2019 European election campaign to ensure that a Jena-based company received a contract from the European People’s Party (EPP). Legally, it was about the suspicion of “bribery in commercial transactions”. Voigt had always denied this and publicly declared his willingness to be transparent and cooperate.

“Today’s discontinuation of the investigation now officially documents that there was and is no truth to the allegations made against me,” said Voigt. The past 13 months have been very depressing for him and his family. He is grateful for the support and solidarity he has received from colleagues, party members and friends.

Residential and business premises searched

As part of their investigation, the public prosecutor’s office had the CDU politician’s home and business premises and the EPP headquarters in Brussels searched. Material was seized for further examination, including digital technology such as Voigt’s cell phone. According to earlier information from the public prosecutor’s office, the proceedings against him were initiated after information emerged in another investigation.


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