Suspect arrested: three women killed in brothel in Vienna

Suspect arrested
Three women killed in a brothel in Vienna

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A 27-year-old man is arrested in Vienna on suspicion of stabbing three women. The victims were discovered in an erotic studio, and rescue workers could only determine that they were dead.

Three dead women were discovered in a brothel in Vienna. A 27-year-old suspect who was arrested in a park near the crime scene on Friday evening is in police custody, the Austrian news agency APA quoted police spokesman Philipp Haølinger as saying.

The three women were apparently killed in a knife attack. The man also had cuts, but they were not life-threatening. The emergency services were called to the scene, but were unable to do anything for the victims, it said. The suspect was given emergency medical care by emergency services before he was arrested and taken to the accident department of a hospital.

According to initial findings, the three women were probably the only staff who were in the establishment in the Brigittenau district at the time of the crime. According to information from the “Salzburg Nachrichten”, passers-by called the emergency number around 9 p.m. because they had discovered a trail of blood in front of the “Asia-Studio”.

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