Sunday question: AfD loses three percentage points, BSW would be in the Bundestag

RTL/ntv trend barometer
AfD loses three points on Sunday’s question – Wagenknecht’s party would be in the Bundestag

Like here in Frankfurt am Main on Monday, people have demonstrated against the AfD in many places in recent weeks. Now the party is also losing ground on the current Sunday question.

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Is this a trend reversal? In the trend barometer from RTL and ntv, the AfD fell by three percentage points in the Sunday question. The Sahra Wagenknecht alliance, on the other hand, could be happy about entering the Bundestag.

The AfD continues to slide in the current RTL/ntv trend barometer. If there were a federal election this Sunday, the right-wing party would currently have 18 percent – ​​three percentage points less than in January. The strongest force in parliament would still be the Union, which would receive 31 percent of the votes. For the first time, the Sahra Wagenknecht alliance would also enter the Bundestag with five percent, primarily because of the votes from eastern Germany. Things would look bleak for the FDP and the Left Party. They would no longer be represented in parliament.

When it comes to Chancellor preference, Friedrich Merz is just ahead. 27 percent of those surveyed would choose him if they were allowed to decide between the CDU leader and SPD Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The incumbent would receive 26 percent of the vote. 47 percent would choose neither.

Survey: Parties are not believed to be able to solve problems

Another result of the RTL/ntv trend barometer: 61 percent of those surveyed do not trust any party to solve the problems in Germany, the Union is at 17 percent, the traffic light parties together are only at 15 percent. And: The mood in the country is still bad. Only 15 percent believe that economic conditions in Germany will improve in the coming years; 63 percent believe they are getting worse. The most important political issue for Germans is the war in Ukraine, followed by the actions of the federal government and the protests against right-wing extremism last week.

The opinion research institute Forsa surveyed a total of 2,503 eligible voters for the RTL/ntv trend barometer from January 30th to February 5th, 2024 Germany questioned. The results are representative. The statistical error tolerance is +/- 2.5 percentage points. The star is part of RTL Deutschland.


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