Storm: Dozens injured in strong typhoon in Japan

Dozens injured in powerful typhoon in Japan

Waves pound the shore in Miyazaki. photo

© Uncredited/Kyodo News/AP/dpa

Strong gusts of wind and heavy rain: southern Japan has been hit by a violent typhoon. People fled to emergency shelters.

Dozens of people have been injured in an unusually violent typhoon in Japan. As the Japanese television broadcaster NHK reported on Monday, at least 43 residents suffered injuries on the severely affected southwestern main island of Kyushu as a result of the strong gusts of wind.

The power went out at times in around 300,000 households. Around four million households were called upon to seek shelter from the gusts of wind and heavy rain. Meanwhile, the typhoon continued to move in a north-easterly direction and should also cause rain on the main island of Honshu with the capital Tokyo on Tuesday.


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