State elections in Bavaria: Ten small parties compete – Bavaria

By Sophie Burkhart, Andreas Glas, Lina Krauss, Laura Lehner, Johann Osel and Christian Sebald

Vegans, separatists, satirists, lateral thinkers – in addition to the six parties represented in the Bavarian state parliament, almost a dozen other groups are running for elections in October. Established and big small ones like the left or the ÖDP, but also newcomers to state politics. In July, the state electoral committee decided that, in principle, a total of 21 parties could participate. Some of those who were admitted, including the punks from the anarchist pogo party in Germany, announced afterwards that they would not compete after all. Which parties actually submitted their lists in the seven administrative districts correctly and on time will be clarified in August. An overview of which little ones are likely to be on the ballot paper.

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