Staircase without risers: 17 trendy decor ideas

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Why adopt the stairs without risers?

Stairs without risers appeal above all by their look, all in lightness: they are therefore a particularly relevant choice in certain types of decoration.

A staircase without risers for a mezzanine ipn factory
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The IPN steel joist is an essential element of a factory-inspired decoration. Although it is sometimes used for purely decorative purposes, it also allows for a mezzanine full of character. The staircase without risers is then the ideal choice to bring a little lightness to the whole.

Solid Wood Staircase A Limon Central
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The staircase without risers with a central stringer works very well in a chalet-type decor, which gives pride of place to solid wood.

Dynamic And Sleek Design
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The staircase without risers particularly appeals to fans of a very refined contemporary decoration. In addition to a minimalist design, it benefits from very dynamic lines. It is particularly appreciated in small spaces, where the spiral staircase is essential, because it knows how to be aerial.

Small Bright Space
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The staircase without risers is also the most suitable choice, because it allows light to circulate: a very valuable asset in a very small stairwell!

In addition to its advantages in terms of decoration, the staircase without risers is extremely easy to live with on a daily basis. First of all, risers trap more dust, and they can make cleaning a staircase tedious. Most importantly, they act like resonance boxes, and they are likely to amplify noise. The staircase without risers turns out to be much quieter!

The staircase without risers: the best decoration ideas

The staircase occupies a large space, generally very visible, in the entrance or in the living room. It is therefore a question of taking advantage of it to give more character to the decoration, and in this regard, the staircase without risers ensures!

A staircase that lets the gaze circulate
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In this industrial-inspired living room, the staircase without risers echoes the structure of the glass roof and windows, thus creating a very coherent decoration. While it has a generous width, which allows you to move around comfortably, the fact that it is devoid of risers allows the gaze to circulate, which gives depth to the room.

Graphic Accent Wall
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The main advantage of the staircase without risers is its ability to be very small. Especially when it is located in front of an accent wall displaying an exuberant pattern, which is a real eye-catcher. For a bit, this spiral staircase would be purely and simply invisible!

Double Stringer And Invisible Steps
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Conversely, the staircase without risers can also be staged. This spectacular double stringer model has an architectural allure, reinforced by the choice of transparent steps. This type of creation has the advantage of being as spectacular seen from the ground floor as seen from the landing.

Guardrail And Landing
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With or without guardrail? Both ! This contemporary staircase plays with lines and materials brilliantly. And if the staircase without risers appeals to decoration enthusiasts so much, it is because it allows designs with very graphic lines.

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If the staircase without risers lets light through, it also knows how to have fun. In this modern living room, we opted for the claustra as a railing. The staircase offers a contemporary design that attracts all eyes, and which allows interesting plays of light, which vary throughout the day.

Staircase With Led Lighting
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And at nightfall? We love the high-tech version of the staircase without risers. If he plays transparency during the day, he puts himself in scene without complex when it lights up, creating a luminous atmosphere of the most relaxing.

Office under the stairs
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A model without risers is the smarter choice if you want to set up an office under the stairs. In this Nordic-inspired interior, we opted for a light wood model, which gently warms the atmosphere.

Urban Jungle Style Background
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The straight staircase with simple stringer allows for bold arrangements in the background. To bring a touch of life to a very contemporary interior, we take the “nature” trend literally, by daring to decorate plants, urban jungle style.

Solid wood to heat the interior
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With its minimalist design, the staircase without risers also offers the opportunity to adopt solid materials. Here, we opted for a blond wood, which stands out in this resolutely urban architecture dominated by raw concrete. A strong piece of this interior, the wooden staircase cleverly balances this very mineral decoration.

Staircase Without High Tech Risers And Black Parquet
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This staircase without risers offers a design while transparency, and it constitutes a real well of light. Its high-tech architecture is nicely enhanced by the choice of charcoal gray walls and dark parquet floors.

Staircase With Library
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In the context of a construction, it is advisable to immediately think about the arrangement of the immediate environment of the staircase. At a time when we are on the hunt for lost spaces, specialists are offering extremely smart solutions, such as this suspended staircase without risers, directly integrated into the library.

Metal Staircase And Rustic Architecture
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The staircase without risers is particularly attractive in a very contemporary version. The good idea: to dare an unexpected mix, by associating a resolutely modern metal staircase with a stylish architecture. And the trick works just as well outdoors as indoors!

A Graphic Staircase
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This all-metal staircase draws a delicate graphic pattern by playing on the contrast with the accent wall, dressed in a very contemporary charcoal gray. It brings a resolutely contemporary touch to this very cocooning beige living room.

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