Spotify record thanks to GTA 6: Song achieves an increase of almost 37,000 percent

The GTA 6 trailer causes a song to have almost 37,000 percent more streams. Here you can find the backgrounds.

The revelation of the GTA 6-Trailers has not only thrilled fans worldwide, but has also had an impact on the music world. Especially the song “Love Is a Long Road” of the late musician Tom Petty from 2017 saw a massive increase in its streams on Spotify.

According to a report by “Pushsquare” the streams of this title increased 36,979 percent after the trailer was released. These numbers come from a comparison of Spotify data over a weekly period.

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Rockstar and Spotify – this combination works

GTA’s official Spotfiy playlist includes six hours of music.

Image: Rockstar Games

A similar increase was noticed not only on Spotify, but also on other music platforms such as Apple Music.

Apparently, Rockstar and Spotify are aware of the importance of in-game music to their GTA fans. That’s why they came together to create one official playlist for the franchise. This currently includes six hours Music and features songs from well-known artists such as Dr. Dre, Gorillaz, Britney Spears and TOTO.

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