Space: Nasa probe intentionally crashes into asteroids during defense test

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NASA probe intentionally crashes into asteroids during defense test

Image of NASA’s “Dart” spacecraft and the “LICIACube” (bottom right corner) of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) before impact. photo

© Steve Gribben/NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/dpa

Dimorphos actually posed no threat to Earth. Nevertheless, an unnamed probe has now destroyed it – for research purposes.

For the first time, a probe from the US space agency Nasa intentionally crashed into an asteroid during a defense test. The unmanned probe of the mission “Dart” (Double Asteroid Redirection Test), equipped only with a camera, steered into the asteroid Dimorphos as planned, as announced by Nasa. This is a first attempt to see if it might be possible to alter the trajectory of an asteroid in this way.

According to NASA calculations, Dimorphos, a kind of moon of the asteroid Didymos with a diameter of around 160 meters, currently poses no danger to Earth – and the mission is designed in such a way that the asteroid should not pose a danger even after the probe has hit it. From the approximately 330 million dollar mission, Nasa hopes to find out how the earth could be protected from approaching asteroids.


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