South Africa – Tonga: The Springboks achieve their objective and are almost qualified… Relive this match with us…

02:39: The debrief video of this Springbok victory, friends:

10:56 p.m.: The objective has been achieved for South Africa with this victory and the offensive bonus won against Tonga (49-18)! They had to take these 5 points to almost qualify for the quarter-finals, so it’s done. Even if mathematically nothing has been done yet, the Scots would have to beat Ireland with the offensive bonus, and the Irish would have to win the defensive bonus which would put the three teams at 15 points. In the meantime, the Springboks have 15 days to prepare to meet the French XV, barring any surprises.

» Thank you all, we’ll see you again on Thursday to follow the match between New Zealand and Argentina!

80th: And it’s over with this score of 49-18, victory with offensive bonus for South Africa!

80th: And come on, will you take one last one for the road? The Boks conclude the match with a try! And Libbok transforms, making it 49-18!

77th : The Springboks are completely coming out of their match!

76th: Ah, Tonga penalized even though they were really not far from the test, too bad

75th : But the Boks defense is holding up really well…

74th: The Eagles return to the Sud Af camp again thanks to a superb run along the right touchline! They were not far from going to put a new one.

72nd : Well, these Tonga are better with their hands than with their feet, the transformation is still missed, 42-18!

72nd: And they are rewarded for this superb action, with a little kick forward and a favorable rebound to score their third try of the match! It is deserved !

70th : Tonga continues to make an impact and try some tricks. It’s really a great team

68th: The Springboks are penalized even though they found the gap in the middle of the field.

67th : South Africa’s game has changed since the entry of Libbok, who puts a lot more demands on his wingers, and it goes very quickly on the sides

65th : 60,387 spectators present this evening in Marseille for this match!

63rd: Libbok is perfect at the foot this evening, and transforms this try. 42-13 for the Boks

62nd: The Boks unfold, with a perfect marriage between speed and power to score a sixth try!

61st : We still feel that it is becoming more and more difficult for the Sea Eagles, they are making more and more mistakes, even in attack.

59th : Exit from Kolisi to cheers

58th: And it’s even transformed by Libbok, not a successful kick since the start of the competition. 35-13

57th: New try for the Springboks! New error from Tonga, immediately punished as in the first two of the match. Le Roux starts alone on the other side and can flatten by slipping between three defenders

53rd : It’s not transformed, 28 – 13 for South Africa!

53rd: Second try for Tonga, and it’s deserved! What determination, because I can tell you that it worked. And they ended up choosing the pass along the line rather than the force. At the same time the South AF forwards did not even move on impacts…

52nd : No sanction against Etzebeth despite the intervention of the video, it was for a hit on the reception of a jump

51st : Pollard is replaced by Libbok in the middle of a session of changes for both teams.

50th : The offensive bonus has been reached, now we have to keep score which shouldn’t be so complicated!

49th: New try for the Boks! Guess how? All in force obviously, as one could imagine after the last substitute session And it’s transformed by Pollard! 28-8!

46th : The Boks make a mistake in a scrum for Tonga, who can free themselves!

45th : Come on, it’s time for Jacques Nienaber to change his forwards, the tradition since the 2019 World Cup!

44th : The stadium encourages Tonga a lot, it’s beautiful to see

43rd : Good defense from Tonga who send Esterhuizen into touch after a long possession by the Boks.

41st : The Eagles always try to move forward quickly to surprise the Boks

40th: Here we go again with a good kick from Pollard!

40th: Good combination from the South Africans in the Tonga camp, but they are intercepted on the pass which could have made the difference. And it’s halftime with a score of 21 – 8!

39th: It’s not transformed, we remain at 21-8.

38th: Great resistance from the Boks defense but Tonga put all their strength into the battle and ended up flattening thanks to their captain Tameifuna!

32nd: It’s transformed by Handré Pollard who is therefore 3/3 at the foot. 21-3 for the Boks!

32nd: Strength test by the Springboks, well they got fed up, they pulled out their muscles and it’s the 3rd time they’ve flattened!

31st : The Springboks maintain the pressure near the Tonga line, and fortunately they have the advantage otherwise they would have already lost the ball twice.

29th : Video arbitration in progress for a head collision between a player from Tonga and Mapimpi, who must be released on concussion protocol. But no yellow in the end

26th : The Boks start with a ball carried after a touch, but are penalized. However, they were not far from flattening

25th: The Springboks are clearly getting back on track and I feel that it will quickly hurt.

24th : As much as it seemed calm around the stadium, there is a big atmosphere inside! The spectators are excited, and there it is already starting.

22nd : Well we feel that this second attempt put a blow on the head of Tonga eh…

19th: How cruel it is for Tonga, they make another mistake and are immediately punished with another try. From Moddie this time! Transformed by Pollard! 14-3 for South Africa.

16th: These Tonga are really impressive, South Africa only had a little possession!

14th : The Eagles choose the closed side on their sideline and lose the ball. But they manage to recover it on a new Bok fault.

13th : They try the pass with the foot on the other side and the south af misses its reception, the ball remains with Tonga who are encouraged by the stadium. Good start to the match from them!

13th : Tonga continues to press, they are not far away!

12th : =The Eagles choose the melee, they are sure of their power

11th: The Boks recover the ball on their line, but they are penalized!

10th: Good touch for the red and white 5 meters from the Boks line.

9th: Tonga recover the ball in this scrum against them, and they are not far from heading towards the goal on the other side.

8th : Tonga are too hesitant when they have the ball, so the Boks jump at the opportunity to intercept. First scrum of the match.

4th: And it’s transformed by Pollard for his return! This will do the Boks good. 7-3, then.

4th: It’s going much too quickly for Tonga, Reinach quickly plays the penalty with his foot and goes to flatten without anyone flinching. The Sea Eagles shouldn’t let this kind of thing slide!

3rd : Nice counter from South Africa on a clearance attempt, and good touch obtained at 10 meters.

2nd: Penalty successful by Havili! 3-0 for Tonga!

1st: The Boks penalized, very good start to the match from Tonga who go straight into it!

1st : And already a touch for Tonga in the 22 of South Af

1st: Come on, let’s go!

8:59 p.m. : The Sea Eagles, Tonga’s nickname, will kick off this match!

8:57 p.m. : The Tonga Haka in cathedral silence, before lots of applause!

8:56 p.m. : South African supporters are much more numerous than those of Tongas as you can imagine.

8:52 p.m. : Come on, the players are entering the field!

8:47 p.m.: The iconic Springbok, Siya Kolisi celebrates his 50th milestone this evening as captain of South Africa! He became the symbol of the Boks’ transformation, being the first black captain in his country’s history.

8:41 p.m.: The Springboks play their qualifier this Sunday evening against Tonga

This is already their last group match in this 2023 World Cup. They must get the offensive bonus to ensure they are in the quarters because Scotland and Ireland face each other next week! Otherwise they will have to wait for the result of this match, it could be a long week!

8:41 p.m. : The atmosphere was a little calmer than the previous matches around the Vélodrome, a little fewer supporters than usual visibly

8:37 p.m.: Come on, we’re in place at the Marseille stadium, as the organizers of the Rugby World Cup like to call it since naming is prohibited!

10:00 a.m.: Hello friends and welcome to 20 Minutes to follow South Africa’s last group match, against Tonga, at the Vélodrome stadium in Marseille.

Very important match for the title holders who play their qualification against Tonga after their defeat against Ireland last week. Very good news for them, they will be able to count on their scorer Handré Pollard after a year of absence due to injury. The scrum-half returns at a time when South Africa is having major foot problems. But watch out for the powerful Tonga team who could play a bad trick on them on the road to defending their title.

» We’ll meet up around 8:45 p.m. to follow this match together!

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