Söder and the Corona crisis: Admitting mistakes is not possible – Bavaria

Admitting mistakes is not an easy thing, especially when you don’t make any. In any case, Prime Minister Markus Söder is having a hard time with it in the Corona crisis – and prefers to swarm around questions about omissions.

It was a number of years ago that the SZ State Chancellery offered an interview on the subject of “The human being Stoiber”. When asked what that meant, his spokesman said that Edmund Stoiber also had feelings that went as far as schadenfreude if Chancellor Gerhard Schröder went wrong. The SZ fell for the bait offer and conducted an interview. The sentence with the schadenfreude did not want to come across the lips of the “MP”, and otherwise little came across emotionally.

On Wednesday you felt a bit reminded of the failed “Der Mensch Stoiber” project, when its political grandson Markus Söder appeared in “Jetzt red i”. It was about Corona and the question of why you didn’t see the mess coming in the summer. The Ethics Council, for example, predicted to the state government on June 10 what would happen this winter. The SPD MP Ruth Waldmann recently asked the state government why they had ignored the warning. In response, she received this satirical bla-bla-text: “The Bavarian State Government and the Bavarian Ethics Council are pulling together in the Corona crisis and are pursuing the same goal: resolute combat with the greatest possible protection of the population. The Bavarian State Government is also committed to this in agreement with medical and other experts who are continually called in. Both the dialogue with the ethics council and the consultations with technically competent scientists are carried out in great agreement with the clear common goal of fighting the pandemic as best as possible. “

But to come back to the TV show: Solvejg Lindner from Samerberg expressed the wish to Söder, “that a politician like you would just stand up and say: people, we checked it out, we didn’t do that in the summer (…) we could have done more, but we didn’t “. Söder did not want to fulfill the wish. He swirled around a little and culminated in the sentence: “If I could decide everything on my own, it would be easier.” So he stayed true to himself, but like Stoiber in the past, he may have missed a chance. Even if Söder himself sees it very differently.

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