Snow in Bavaria: Where school is canceled at the start of the week – Bavaria

In Augsburg the weight of the snow was simply too heavy: equal The structural engineers had concerns at 21 schools, as the city announced. These schools therefore had to be completely or partially closed on Monday. Concerns about student safety also led to school cancellations elsewhere. The local school authority ordered distance learning for the public schools in the Mühldorf am Inn district. Here, too, it was about protecting the children: the route to school was too unsafe, it said in a statement on Sunday.

Dozens of streets are still closed because of fallen trees, and bus stops are often not cleared. The aim is to avoid children and young people having to wait on the road for their school buses. Emergency care was offered at elementary and middle schools. Appropriate supervision should take place at the Waldkraiburg support center and the other secondary schools “within the framework of what is locally affordable”.

“The safety of the students has absolute priority. That’s why it makes sense to switch to distance learning on Monday,” says District Administrator Max Heimerl. On Tuesday, face-to-face classes are scheduled to take place again at schools in the Mühldorf am Inn district. An exception is the Gars am Inn elementary and middle school. According to the announcement, distance learning also applies there on Tuesday, as the building still needs to be freed from the snow load.

In the Starnberg district, classes were completely canceled for grades one to six in primary and secondary schools. Secondary schools such as secondary schools and high schools were able to decide individually whether there should be distance learning or whether school should be canceled.

Many schools are now switching to online teaching relatively lightly. The processes have been practiced since Corona. There are digital platforms on which teachers upload work material. Even some primary schools in the Starnberg district, where classes were officially canceled, sent learning material to the students.

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