Since the fatal collapse of two buildings, protective measures are increasing

Precautionary principle. The city of Lille ordered, Friday, a new evaluation of building, “because of a certain risk”, announces the town hall, in a press release. This is the 10th emergency evacuation order taken since the collapse, on November 12, of two adjoining buildings in the city center, which had caused the death of a person.

This time, it is a building located at 51, rue de la Clef, between Old Lille and the city center, which is targeted. The business on the ground floor, Suncoo, is therefore closed until further notice, while additional investigations are carried out.

Negligent owners

These evacuations, which have been increasing for two and a half months, do not mean that the buildings will collapse overnight, “but the situation is sufficiently critical to trigger the precautionary principle and carry out further investigations”, explains the town hall.

The recent tragedy has therefore visibly activated awareness. “We received 218 requests for intervention in housing and in 80% of cases there were doubts that required work. In the most extreme cases, we issue an evacuation order,” she explains.

About 1,200 substandard housing files

In a recent press briefing, Martine Aubry did not hesitate to denounce the owners who, for some, have left “the state of their buildings to deteriorate”. “The services of the town hall cannot enter homes without being invited to do so, explains the mayor of Lille. And sometimes we uncover issues that have been dragging on for a long time. »

More generally, the city of Lille is faced with 1,200 files concerning unsanitary buildings. According to a municipal source, 113 owners have been given formal notice to do work there.

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