“Since the broadcast, I have discovered things that I never imagined”, testifies Hervé

Hervé is the second member of the final jury of “Koh-Lanta: Les Armes Secrètes” – © A.ISSOCK / ALP / TF1

  • TF1 broadcast this Friday the sixth episode of Koh-Lanta: Secret weapons, that of reunification.
  • Hervé managed to save his place in the game at the time of the ambassadors’ meeting but his elimination was finally recorded the next day, during the council.
  • “I had not seen Maxine and Laure from this angle and I am discovering it with the images of the episodes. I hold it against them for being strategists all the time and for moving forward selfishly, ”he told 20 minutes.

Will play ? Will not play? The suspense was at its height at the end of the sixth episode of Koh Lanta. At the heart of the intrigues: the immunity necklace found by Arnaud who did not hesitate to give it to Hervé, ex-Rouge most in danger within the new reunified tribe. The plan was almost perfect, but that was without counting on the split between the women and the men of the former Oro team.

By revealing the strategies of his former comrades in broad daylight, Magali sowed discord and forced the alliance formed by Hervé to change its plans. “It was a good strategy but it would have been necessary that everyone follow it”, decrypts the second member of the final jury for 20 minutes.

When you learn that Frédéric is being eliminated because of the ambassadors, what is your reaction?

It’s disappointment and at the same time, I suspected it. Me, I’m really disappointed because I got along very well with Frédéric. I realize that Maxine did not play her role to the full and that anyway, in her head before leaving, it was already decided like that. And then I tell myself that we have to move forward but that it sucks a bit for the whole team because it takes another Red and we start to be outnumbered.

Did you fully trust Maxine in her role as ambassador?

I do not know. By the time she leaves, I am divided. I’m not going to say that I feel in danger because that’s not particularly the case but I’m not sure she wants to fight to the end. I would have preferred to go, it is really something that I would have liked to do. Already because I think I would have gone to the end, and then at least when we go, we are master of our destiny.

Explain to us what happened with Arnaud’s necklace …

Since Arnaud found his necklace, we told each other between the four boys that he was one of us when needed. We kept it until then. Since I arrived on the island, the idea was to put all the Yellows on my back to make sure they vote against me. We did it because I had already heard that I was not very popular with the Yellows and since I was captain of the Reds… In general, it is always the captain that we target first. The goal was to put as many people as possible against me to be sure that all the votes would be directed at me. As I had the collar, I wanted to turn the situation around and eliminate a Yellow by voting quietly on our side. It was our idea except that the problem is that we didn’t think that the girls would turn over their jackets and would not vote in the same direction as the red team.

And so that changed everything …

It complicated things so much that I rushed my exit. When I understood that, I thought to myself that I had shot myself in the foot. I had applied myself to making them understand that I had lost my talisman and therefore that I was no longer protected. I tried to tell them three or four times so that they would understand. It was a good strategy, but everyone should have followed it.

Did you not hesitate to give his necklace back to Arnaud?

We learned just before leaving for the council that Magali had swung that we had a collar against the Yellows. We knew that the Yellows were in the know, we said to ourselves that they were going to distribute their votes. It was Arnaud’s necklace, he didn’t have to pay the price so I gave him back.

Before the council, you go to see Maxine and Laure to ask them to make a last strategic move together. Do you still believe in it then?

Well yeah… I think I was a little gullible. I thought that with taking Fred out of the Ambassadors, if they needed a rematch, they got it. They were a lot more strategist than I imagined and I was a bit stunned because for me it was not the right thing to do. I had fought for them in the event before and I found it normal that they would fight for everyone afterwards. They didn’t and I find it a shame.

Do you understand Laure and Maxine’s accusations of machismo or sexism?

I don’t understand it at all for the simple reason that it’s not the boys who eliminated the girls, it’s a group. Maxine and Laure, they are the ones who voted against their girlfriend. The elimination of Magali is because of them, certainly not because of the boys and in particular not because of me because I did not even vote against Magali. I think they have been underestimated in their ability to strategize. These are the most strategic. It was purely strategic to put the blame on us when we were in agreement and we followed each other all the time. The two girls who left, they are the ones who eliminated them beautifully by doing them good low blows. It’s too easy to blame others when the strategy starts with them.

In the episode, we see Thomas say: “there is a face that does not come back to me, far or near, it is Hervé”. Why this animosity?

I do not know. I think the fact of being a captain, of speaking more often than the others, of having been questioned quite a bit… Did he not like that? Thomas said out loud what two or three were whispering. It’s a whole team that has allied itself against me. They had taken their captain away and the captain had to be eliminated on the other side. The role of captain, I wanted it, that’s one of the boxes I wanted to tick Koh Lanta but I know that when you take that position, you are more threatened than the others. When I arrived at the camp, the idea was to put them against me so that we could be sure that they would vote against me. If Thomas said that my head was not coming back to him, it was mission accomplished. I had annoyed him enough to make him concentrate on me as much as possible and the goal was that.

Are you angry with someone in particular?

I had not seen Maxine and Laure from this angle and I am discovering it with the images of the episodes. I resent them for being strategists all the time and for moving forward selfishly. I am very angry with them. I think I am even more so since the broadcast started because I am discovering things that I never imagined. I’m even more disappointed now than when I go out. When I go out, it’s no use anymore, I’m past the age of yelling at people for nothing. It is not insulting them in the middle of the board that will change anything. I tell myself that they will live with this feeling the rest of the time and I will live with my conscience, and that is what matters.



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