Siemens: Why Erlangen is the world’s largest Siemens location – Economy

It didn’t happen overnight. Erlangen’s rise to become the largest Siemens location in the world took years and decades, and many people from the region can tell stories about it. Saskia Krausser, for example, has been a Siemens works council member for 25 years. She grew up in the Franconian town of Kersbach near Forchheim, and “it felt like every second person there was at Siemens,” she says. Anyone who had children told them: “Siemens is a safe place to work, start there.” Your colleague Mario Savio comes from the Bamberg area, and his children there have also been taught for decades: Don’t go into construction, don’t go into agriculture, rather go into industry. “It’s best to go to Siemens, they have a good name.”

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