Sex toy trends: These sex toys will be particularly in demand in 2024

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Made of glass or particularly realistic: these sex toys are on trend

Sex toys are available in many different designs, materials and colors. What is particularly popular at the moment.

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Everyone has different preferences when it comes to sex. But there are sex toys that are considered popular by many. The star introduces them and has tips for using them.

As in many other areas, when it comes to sex toys, there are products that are currently more popular than others. In addition to the classics that always work, there are three trends in particular that will emerge in 2024 star presented in more detail. We also have tips for handling and cleaning.

1. Sex toy trend: Realistic toys

Sex toys usually come in playful colors: pink, purple or turquoise, for example. In 2024, the trend is moving towards naturalness: erotic toys can be reminiscent of real sex, for example with a dildo that not only looks like a penis, but also feels very similar and is available in different sizes. The “Uncover” series by Amorelie serves this sex toy trend, for example.

2. Sex toy trend: glass

The glass trend is somewhat contrary to the previous trend: Glass dildos are also currently popular. So if you want something less realistic and would rather play with a material that can be used both cold and warm, this sex toy trend is the right choice. The toys can be used according to your own preferences, are high quality and play with temperatures.

3. Sex toy trend: Multifunctional toys

Sex toys are for playing, having fun and trying things out – that’s why the trend is moving in this direction: Sex toys that can stimulate multiple places and are suitable for both men and women, both for singles and couples, are currently special hip, trendy, popular. The Double dildo “Ryde” For example, it can do exactly that and encourages you to try out other positions. This ensures variety, excitement and getting to know possible new preferences. But also one sex swing has this effect.

Further information on sex toys

Sex toys should always be cleaned after use. The best way to do this is to clean the toys so that they are hygienically clean, the material is not damaged and the skin is not irritated the next time you use them. Sex therapists also recommend not using sex toys too often, but always alternating them with pure physical contact so as not to get used to excessive penetration. In addition, sex toys can enrich your love life and provide variety.

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