Seven years in prison required on appeal against two police officers

In line with the first instance. The public prosecutor requested this Wednesday seven years in prison against the police officers accused of gang rape of a Canadian tourist at 36 quai des Orfèvres, in 2014. The two men are being tried on appeal by the Assize Court of Val- de-Marne​.

“The decision which was rendered three years ago”, when the two defendants had been sentenced at first instance in Paris to seven years in prison, “was balanced”, in particular estimated the Advocate General, Christophe Auger, during his indictment.

In a state of shock

During the evening of April 22, 2014, Emily Spanton met several police officers from the BRI, the Research and Intervention Brigade, in an Irish pub located opposite their premises at the time, the famous 36 quai des Goldsmiths. While the atmosphere is flirtatious, the agents offer a visit to their premises to Emily Spanton, very alcoholic that evening. She comes out of it in a state of shock, denouncing a gang rape.

“Do these meetings at the pub, initiated by the defendants, mean that she would agree to go up to ’36’ to have sex? Because a woman has a short skirt or shorts, she would necessarily want to have sex? “, was indignant the Advocate General during his indictment, castigating ideas “from another era”.

During the investigation, the complainant identified the two accused, Antoine Quirin and Nicolas Redouane, as being among the “three or four men” who raped her.

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