Sense of direction: is it lost in the digital world? – Knowledge

Thanks to GPS and navigation systems, finding your way is now easier than ever. But perhaps we forget to find our way around. How you can train your sense of direction – and what parents should consider.


Sebastian Herrmann

Yellow street lamp light is reflected in the puddles on the asphalt. It has been raining all day, even now, a long time after sunset, threads of water are coming down from the sky. On the outskirts of Lons-le-Saunier, a car starts to overtake, trailing a rear flag of spray water. It will be the last car for the next four hours, which are still ahead of the three cyclists, no traffic, no people far and wide. The road winds its way up an incline in tight bends. On the left, the last distant lights of the village flash through the branches of bare bushes. Hundreds of fat toads squat on the wet road for the next few kilometers, many rolled from car tires to lunch boxes. It goes on, through deserted villages, empty landscapes and over deserted streets in the dark of night. The destination is a hotel in Ambérieu-en-Bugey, a town in south-eastern France. Arrival is scheduled for the early hours of the morning.

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