Senator Rand Paul Questions Can Crypto ‘Become the World’s Reserve Currency’?

ingive an interviewWith Axios, Senator Rand Paul has been optimistic about the role crypto plays in the global financial system. And the question is, will Crypto be able to ‘become the world’s reserve currency’?

“Government currencies are very unreliable,” Paul said. “Now I am beginning to question whether cryptocurrencies can become the reserve currency of the world. As more and more people lose confidence in the government.”

Interviewer Mike Allen noted that this attitude made Paul “a star among young people” during the 2016 presidential election, where Paul’s campaign was notable for accepting bitcoin donations at the time.

Paul’s ideology has long been a liberal ideology. As well as widespread criticism of the quantitative easing, or QE, he joins other senators who have expressed interest in the growing number of cryptos, although the change in the state of the dollar from the global reserve currency is still there. The possibility is far away at the moment.

El Salvador Becomes First Country to Legally Accept Bitcoin as Money This led to massive purchases of Bitcoin on the national balance sheet. Although such trials are still ongoing. But some have criticized the cryptocurrency industry’s willingness to praise the country’s president, Nayib Bukele, for his focus on bitcoin, despite his authoritarian history.

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