Secret places – taboo for tourists: Death lurks on this island

See the video: Trespassing prohibited! Secret places off-limits to tourists – death lurks on this island.

Anyone planning a holiday usually also thinks about which places worth seeing they would like to visit on site.

But you can’t just visit every interesting location.

In the video you can see five secret places that tourists cannot go to with the best will in the world. The motto here is: “Stay outside!”

Global Seed Vault
The facility in Spitsbergen, Norway, is considered the ark of the plant world. The Seed Vault stores seeds for foods such as rice, corn, wheat, potatoes, fruits, nuts, and root vegetables. These are to be delivered in the event of a disaster. Access is only permitted to researchers and employees.

Varosha in Cyprus
This ghost town on the Mediterranean island is a restricted military zone. The hotel city is occupied and cordoned off by the Turkish military in 1974. The abandoned city, which has since been reclaimed by nature, was often traded as collateral and a possible object of exchange. Plans for resettlement have so far been unsuccessful.

Riems in the Baltic Sea
This island is not a place for a beach holiday, as large parts are restricted area – the public is not allowed access. The reason: Scientists from the Friedrich Loeffler Institute investigate dangerous epidemics here.

North Sentinel Island
The island is inhabited by the Sentinelese, an isolated indigenous people. Attempts to make contact are forbidden – because the Sentinelese use violence to defend themselves. There is a three-kilometre exclusion zone around the island. An American who flouted this ban in 2018 was killed by the islanders.

Club 33 at Disneyland
The popular tourist attraction in Anaheim, California has a secret entrance – the mysterious Club 33, which Walt Disney himself created. Members have access to exclusive premises and can enter the amusement park without waiting. But that costs money and patience: According to reports, registration costs up to 90,000 US dollars – plus an annual fee of up to 27,000 US dollars. It is also reported that the waiting time can allegedly be up to 14 years. There are four clubs of this type in Disney theme parks worldwide.

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