Schweizer uses an AI app to generate a Heidi trailer – and it’s pretty disturbing

Schweizer uses an AI app to generate a Heidi trailer – and it’s pretty disturbing

The scene with the Almöhi is particularly disturbing

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“Green meadows in the sunshine”, but also strange-looking horses, cows with clouds or wool on their backs and good old Almöhi with a twisted face, kissing one of his goats with his tongue. If there hadn’t been the creepily laughing Klara and Heidi, this AI-generated Heidi trailer might have been quickly forgotten, but that’s probably almost impossible.

But the clip isn’t over at this point – and it gets even more curious: After a series of images of very imaginative and sometimes misshapen animals, an apparently angry mob with torches is standing in Dörfli (?), the village in which the original -Movie Heidi lived with her grandfather. At the end there are still cows in the cinema, who seem to be very fascinated by the Heidi film. The clip is underpinned by the song “Heidi” by Gitti and Erika. How could it be any different?!

The trailer entitled “Heidi is cursed” was generated by Swiss comedian, author and film producer Patrick “Karpi” Karpiczenko. According to his own statements, he used the AI ​​app “Gen-2” from Runway Research. The tool is a multimodal system that can generate videos from text, images or clips.

The AI ​​trailer goes viral

So far, more than 15.5 million people have viewed the trailer that the Swiss released on Twitter on July 10. There were over 13,500 retweets, almost 6,000 people responded with comments and more than 51,000 users liked the video. Karpi himself writes about the video “I asked an AI if she could create a trailer for a Heidi film and now I can never sleep again.” Numerous users agree with this in the comments and write how disturbing they find the video. Someone says that he misses Miss Rottnemeier. “The ultra bloated balloon cows were the end for me,” it continues or “directed by David Lynch”.

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