Scenario: Unveiling of the first E-Rolls Royce Specter. – Munich

At the unveiling of the new e-luxury car, stars pulled out their cell phones to take photos. Willi Weber, combustion engine fan and former manager of Schumacher, also doesn’t miss a look at the innovation.

Phew, that doesn’t look good on Willi Weber. The ex-Schumi manager would certainly have liked to have spared his hips these steep stairs. But if the attraction of the evening is waiting on a floor below, then the 81-year-old probably has to go down there now. It is still dark down in the Hoch5 event hall in the Werksviertel, and yet almost every guest, including Princess of Liechtenstein, soprano Anna Maria Kaufmann and chief poser Papis Loveday, snaps a cell phone photo of the star of the evening, the car waiting for its unveiling waits. The good piece comes from Rolls Royce and is called Specter. It sounds like a joke, but it’s not, as CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös explains: “Bond stole the name from us, not the other way around.” In fact, all new models from the headquarters in Goodwood, Sussex, which stand for technical innovation, initially bear the name Specter, and this one is a mediocre revolution for the luxury brand, as it is fully electrically powered.

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