Savings books, copyright … Emmanuel Macron’s declaration of assets published in the Official Journal

The patrimony of the Head of State amounts to a total of nearly 675,000 euros, made up about half of various savings products.

Light on the heritage of Emmanuel Macron. The declaration of assets of the President of the Republic was published on Thursday in the Official Journal by the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life (HATVP). The law indeed obliges the Head of State to make public his financial situation at the end of his mandate, between six and five months before the expiration of this one.

Emmanuel Macron’s statement tells us in particular that he does not own any real estate. As in 2017, year of last declaration of assets. An obligation to which he had had to comply in his capacity as a presidential candidate. On the other hand, it is indicated that his wife, Brigitte Macron, owns a house. It corresponds to the couple’s villa in Le Touquet (Pas-de-Calais). A residence for which the Head of State took out a loan of 350,000 euros in 2011, to finance work. A loan for which he still has 126,853 euros to repay.

The joint current account of the Macron couple, opened at Crédit Mutuel, shows the sum of 166,685 euros, indicates the declaration. The Head of State also has a multitude of savings accounts (LDD, PEL, savings accounts …), on which sleep nearly 300,000 euros.

The tenant of the Élysée is also the head of a life insurance policy, taken out in 2011 and the value of which amounts to 113,412 euros. We must add four financial instruments, two opened at Rothschild & Co – where the former investment banker worked for four years – and two at Crédit Mutuel: two PEA (for a total value of 63,655 euros) and two securities accounts (6,637 euros in total).

Its asset declaration also mentions unlisted transferable securities, mainly an investment fund in SMEs, subscribed in 2012, the last known value of which, at March 31, 2021, was 22,785 euros.

Thus, in total, the assets of Emmanuel Macron amounted in 2021 to nearly 675,000 euros, for nearly 127,000 euros in debt. In 2017, he held around 610,000 euros in assets, and had liabilities of 300,000 euros. In five years, its assets have therefore increased by 65,000 euros, and net of debt by 238,000 euros.

443,000 euros in income for his book

In terms of income, the patrimonial declaration of the President of the Republic indicates that, during his five years of mandate, he received approximately 1.07 million euros. An amount that takes into account his elected officials, his capital gains on movable and real estate, his income from movable capital, as well as his copyright for his book “Revolution“(Éditions XO), published at the end of 2016. By adding the advance paid at the beginning of 2017 for this work (274,141 euros) – which brought in a total of 443,000 euros -, its income swelled to 1.35 million euros over its period at the Élysée.

In the coming weeks, the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life (HATVP) must publish its opinion on the variation in the president’s patrimonial situation between the start and the end of his functions. It will be made public by January 2022. Then, the administrative body will publish, in the weeks preceding the first round of the presidential election, the statements of all the candidates for the election.

By way of comparison, the heritage of Emmanuel Macron’s predecessors at the Elysee Palace was much higher. That of François Hollande amounted to 1.51 million euros at the end of his mandate in 2017 – largely made up of real estate assets – for nearly 290,000 euros in debt. In 2012, Nicolas Sarkozy, himself, held assets of 2.7 million euros, consisting mainly of life insurance contracts, for a liability of 544,000 euros (personal guarantee of a loan) and two pensions of a total amount of nearly 6000 euros per month.

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