Sara Nowak dies just hours after her husband’s funeral

Woman dies in car crash just hours after her husband’s funeral

Sara Nowak and her passenger died at the scene of the accident (symbol image)

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Sara Nowak’s husband died of cancer. Just hours after the funeral, she was involved in a car accident herself, killing her and her passenger instantly.

Sara Nowak and her husband Louis were married for six years. Sara’s mother Patricia Cartwright describes the two as a “real dream couple”: “Where one was, the other was.” Unfortunately, this also applies to the couple from the US state of Wisconsin in death. Just hours after her husband’s funeral, Sara Nowak died in a car accident.

Louis died of liver cancer in March, reports the Washington Post. He was 54 years old. His months-long battle with the disease had taken a heavy toll on the family of six. Nevertheless, his wife always remained positive, reports her mother. She spent as much time as possible with Louis in the hospital and kept reminding him that one day they would “laugh together again”.

The car landed in the ditch and rolled over

Immediately after Louis’s funeral, Sara Nowak made an appointment with a neighbor to pay her husband a final respect: Louis had been a car fanatic, and Sara and the neighbor wanted to let the tires of the parked car smoke in memory of him – a so-called burnout. But the driver lost control of the car, according to the police, the car landed in the ditch and overturned. Both occupants died at the scene of the accident. Sara Nowak was 42 years old.

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There were only a few hours between Louis Nowak’s funeral and the death of his wife. The family must now live with a double pain. “It’s really hard when five and a half hours later someone calls and says your daughter died in a car accident,” Sara’s father, Randal Cartwright, told CBS 58. Her mother tries to see something good in the tragedy – that her daughter and son-in-law are reunited. “It’s hard to imagine her without him,” she told the Washington Post. “They have to be together. Otherwise it would all be pointless.”

Sources: “Washington Post” / “CBS 58”

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