Sandrine Josso “thought she was dying”, wants to “raise awareness” of the “scourge” of chemical submission

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The MoDem deputy, who accuses her senator colleague of having drugged her last week with a view to sexual assault, spoke for the first time on this affair, Monday evening on France 5.

His story had not yet been made public. Almost a week after feeling unwell at the Parisian home of Senator Joël Guerriau, an illness which followed a drink on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, the MoDem MP spoke this Monday evening on France 5. While the 66-year-old politician, suspected of having drugged his parliamentary colleague with a view to sexual assault, was indicted on Friday evening, Sandrine Josso returned to the details of this troubled evening.

If she “don’t know what happened» to the senator, who “was not in a normal state”the parliamentarian believes she has “thought he would die because (she) thought he was going to abuse (her), because in theelevator, (she) could no longer stand“. She also considers having “just had a survival instinct and the necessary strength» and undergo from a “post-traumatic stress“. During his visit to the hospital following that evening, the doctors told him they saw cases like her very regularly. Cases of chemical submission. A phenomenon that would affect people from “notno matter what age, from any background.»

Larcher asks for a “withdrawal”

Faced with this “scourge“, the elected Modem hears “to raise awareness” the French. And wish “enjoin” the government “to do something» faced with this problem «which is everywhere in our society“. “We can all go through what I went through“, she stressed. A media intervention which took place two days after the suspension of the senator by his political party Horizons, the movement of Édouard Philippe, then by his parliamentary group. The two structures have also opened disciplinary procedures, which could lead to his exclusion. On Monday, it was the President of the Upper House Gérard Larcher who asked Joël Guerriau to “withdraw from all activities related to his mandate (…) until justice and the police can clarify the facts“.

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