Sailing: Clarisse Crémer returns to the race for the “Vendée Globe”.

Clarisse Cremer
After controversial expulsion: professional sailor cheats ex-sponsor

Clarisse Crémer has a good chance of taking part in the “Vendée Globe 2024” after being kicked out by her ex-sponsor

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Her ex-sponsor no longer believed in Clarisse Crémer and therefore threw the young mother off her racing yacht for the “Vendée Globe”. It is precisely this boat that she is now competing on – thanks to new partners.

Clarisse Crémer should have a good laugh right now. Because the French professional sailor, whose sponsor no longer believed her to qualify for the “Vendée Globe” because of her child (the star reported), is now taking part in the sailing regatta around the world. At least the chances are now good again.

On Wednesday she has announced on their websitethat she will take part in the “Vendée Globe” with “L’Occitane en Provence” as a new sponsor. “The shared values ​​of entrepreneurship, team spirit, role model function and authenticity have motivated the cosmetics brand to accompany the sailor on this adventure,” says a statement – and is probably meant as a dig at her ex-sponsor “Banque Populaire”.

Clarisse Crémer has a chance at “Vendée Globe”

Alex Thomson played a crucial role in getting Crémer back in the race. The former ocean-going sailor finished second at the Vendée Globe 2016/17 and is now a kind of project manager for sailing projects. Who had Announced on Twitter at the end of Marchthat one of his companies bought the racing yacht from Crémer’s ex-sponsor. Because the number of sailors who have the skills for such a demanding regatta is very manageable. Without Crémer as skipper, “Banque Populaire” no longer had any use for the high-tech yacht.

Rumors were already spreading that Thomson had bought the yacht for Crémer. A good four weeks later, rumors have become facts.

But Crémer still has to clear one hurdle: permission to start from the regatta management. The regulations as to which regattas qualify for participation in the “Vendée Globe” are quite strict. The fact that Crémer has already reached the goal at the “Vendée Globe” is no longer sufficient due to a rule change. She has to sail two out of five possible races. In October, the “Transat Jacques Vabre 2023” will depart from Le Havre in France. She has to take part in it, because the regulations stipulate that a qualifying regatta must have been sailed in 2022 or 2023. In 2024 she then has the choice of sailing “The Transat CIC 2024” and “New York – Vendée 2024” to contest the mandatory second qualifying race.

Wild card as an ace up your sleeve

If she doesn’t manage that, Crémer still has the chance of a wild card from the regatta management. One way or another, Crémer has big plans. But the satisfaction and the desire to show it to your ex-sponsor should also motivate you.,,

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