Russian oligarch Usmanov: Police confiscate luxury vehicles – Economy

On Thursday morning, customs and police officials seized assets in a villa in Rottach-Egern am Tegernsee that are said to be connected to the Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov. Among other things, several high-quality luxury vehicles are said to have been transported away – investigators in this country believe that the billionaire with Uzbek roots has a fleet with a total of 13 vehicles, including two Maybachs.

Usmanov knows Russian President Vladimir Putin personally and is said to have provided material and financial support to his regime, which is waging a war against Ukraine that violates international law. At least that’s what the European Union claims, which has imposed sanctions on Usmanov because of this. However, he himself has always denied any proximity to the Russian despot.

The Central Office for Sanctions Enforcement (ZfS) accuses the oligarch of violating the Foreign Trade Act. Accordingly, Usmanov would have had to declare the vehicles as assets after his sanction in 2022.

It is said from Usmanov’s environment, The fleet belongs to a separate company in which his client is not officially involved. He only rented the cars from this company. The investigators count this company, as well as the companies that officially own the two Tegernsee villas and the yacht Dilbar run, to the oligarch himself. In the past, Usmanov had always claimed that his villas and yacht did not belong to him, that he had just “rented” them. All assets are owned by companies over which he has no influence.

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