Russia places Eurovision winner Jamala on ‘wanted’ list

Ukrainian singer Jamala, who won Eurovision 2016, is on Russia’s “wanted” list, advances this Monday the Politico websiteciting Russian state news agencies RIA and TASS.

According to the Russian website Mediazona, since mid-October the Russian Interior Ministry has accused the 40-year-old artist of having disseminated false information about the army. This month, a Russian court arrested her in absentia.

Facepalm emoji

In her Instagram story, Jamala reacted by posting a photo of herself near the Sydney Opera House (Australia), where she is currently and adding a simple “facepalm” emoji symbolizing dismay.

Since the start of the war, Jamala has multiplied concerts and media appearances to raise awareness among international public opinion about the fate of her native country. The artist will participate in a charity event in Sydney this Monday to raise funds for Ukraine.

A victory that displeased Russia

In 2016, she won the Eurovision Song Contest, with 1944. The title of this piece refers to the year when the Crimean Tatars, including his grandmother, were deported to Central Asia on Stalin’s orders. But the lyrics, performed in the competition two years after Russia’s annexation of Crimea, could be interpreted differently. The text begins like this, in English… “When strangers come, they come to your homes. They kill you all and say: ‘We are not guilty’.

Russia, which finished in third place in Eurovision, denounced a “political” victory for Ukraine.

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