Russia: Photo Allegedly Shows Disgraced General Surovikin (Video)

Watch the video: photo is said to show disgraced Russian General Surovikin.

This photo is intended to prove that the Russian general Sergei Surovikin, who apparently fell out of favor after the revolt of the Wagner mercenaries in June, is still alive and well. The photo was published on social media by a well-known TV presenter. Under the photo she wrote: “General Sergei Surovikin is outside. Alive, healthy, at home, with his family, in Moscow. The authenticity of the photo could not be independently verified. Next to a man with sunglasses and a baseball cap there is also a woman Surovikin’s wife, Anna, is seen.Surovikin was replaced as head of Russia’s air force by Colonel-General Viktor Afsalov in August.Surovikin, who earned the nickname “General Armageddon” while using Russian troops in the civil war in Syria, disappeared shortly after Uprising of the Wagner mercenaries from the scene. After the uprising, according to media reports, there were investigations as to whether the general was involved in the mutiny. According to this, Surovikin is said to have been under house arrest. However, there is no reliable information about the background to the developments.

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