Robbers break into sex toy factory and steal 24k gold vibrators

Robbers break into sex toy factory and rob vibrators made of 24-carat gold – damage more than 80,000 euros

A golden vibrator from the robbed company “Dream Love”.

© DreamLove

It was a cinematic burglary in Spain: In order to rob Spain’s largest erotic toy dealer, thieves switched off all the street lights there. The robbery was worth it – thanks to vibrators made of pure gold.

This burglary was obviously well prepared: In Spain, several men raided and robbed the warehouse of the country’s largest sex toy dealer. They proceeded with an ingenious plan, first blocking the road in front of the camp with fences and then cutting the wires to the street lamps. Now that the street was completely in the dark, the actual robbery could begin.

Here, too, the burglars showed great skill. Although they robbed a total of only seven vibrators on their foray, they had it all: the models are said to have been particularly noble goods made of gold and steel – and they are also particularly expensive. The steel models are said to have been worth between 2,000 and 3,000 euros, while the vibrators made of 24-carat gold even reach a value of 16,000 to 17,000 euros – each.

According to the company, however, it is doubtful whether the thieves will be happy with the goods: According to CEO Mario Romero Molina, the noble vibrators are very rare and easily identifiable. It is possible that the robbers can only enjoy the luxury goods privately. However, the robbery was also lucrative without expensive sex toys: the burglars took another 25,000 euros in cash from the company’s cash register. In total, they escaped with loot worth 80,000 euros.

It is not yet known who the robbers are. Three people with obscured faces can be seen in images from surveillance cameras, and other people may have been involved outside of the visible area. It doesn’t appear to be amateurs: the approach is similar to robberies at other companies over the past two years.

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