RN Louis Aliot well ahead of the 1st round in the canton of Perpignan-Canohès

Voters in the canton of Perpignan-Canohès placed Louis Aliot well ahead of the other candidates on Sunday. The RN mayor of Perpignan came first in the first round of this partial departmental election in the Pyrénées-Orientales. The socialist outgoing adviser is even eliminated.

Collecting 44.07% of the votes cast, the tenor of the National Rally and his partner Carla Muti, municipal councilor in Canohès, beat the various right-wing duo of Jean-Louis Chambon and Florence Micolau (27.63%). They will face off in the second round on December 4.

Mathias Blanc calls “to vote Chambon”

With 26.36% of the votes, the outgoing departmental councilor, Mathias Blanc (PS), was eliminated after a ballot where the participation amounted to only 21.63%. “I call for Chambon to vote to beat Aliot,” said the 39-year-old lawyer, after learning of his elimination by 43 votes.

In May 2021, in this 5th canton of Perpignan-Canohès, the PS pair won in the second round with 51% of the votes, but less than a hundred more than that of the RN (49%). The election was however invalidated by the Council of State due to the ineligibility of the candidate of the party of Marine Le Pen, a former customs official.

The left retains control of the department

During this first ballot, the right-wing duo, already led by Jean-Louis Chambon, mayor of Canohès, had been eliminated by one vote in the first round by their socialist opponents Mathias Blanc and Françoise Chatard, the two pairs totaling a little less of 24% of the vote, behind the 36% of the RN.

The National Rally, now led by Jordan Bardella, who took over the presidency by beating Louis Aliot in early November, will try on Sunday to strengthen its anchoring in a department of which it holds the main city, as well as the four seats of deputy since the legislative elections of June. . On the other hand, despite the defeat of the outgoing councillor, socialists and communists will retain control of the departmental assembly.

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