Review of “The Greates Night in Pop”: Fabulous social experiment – Media

The great documentary “The Greatest Night in Pop” tells of the one night in 1985 when “We Are The World” was recorded. About a fabulous social experiment with the biggest pop stars in the world.

It’s hard to fight the lump in your throat when Lionel Richie wipes a tear from his eye at the end of the documentary “The Greatest Night in Pop.” Director Bao Nguyen asked him, the songwriter and organizer of the charity hit “We Are The World”, once again to the former A&M Recording Studio in Hollywood to tell the story of that legendary night in January 1985 when the song was recorded . He tells it so well that in the end all objections to the project are briefly forgotten and you are just happy that this film now exists, which also functions as a document of an exciting psycho-social study. Perhaps his greatest highlight is that he makes Bob Dylan appear human.

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