Resignations on shins: Oberhausen has a mayor – Bavaria

The situation has rarely been so clear in Oberhausen recently: with 721 of 808 votes cast, the citizens of the 2100-inhabitant community in the Weilheim-Schongau district elected 65-year-old Rudolf Sonnleitner as mayor on Sunday, i.e. with a full majority of 89, 2 percent. On the other hand, Sonnleitner was also the only candidate for the honorary position. His name was not ticked on 87 ballots, and on 70 of them the names of people who had not applied were written instead. In any case, now that the previous deputy Sonnleitner is mayor, he needs a new deputy, and things could get difficult again in Oberhausen. Just like always lately.

Because Sonnleitner was only deputy in the town hall for a few weeks. His predecessor as second mayor only resigned in February. Sonnleitner’s predecessor, who resigned as mayor in December, had accused her and her husband, who also sat and continues to sit on the municipal council, of attempts at intimidation and blackmail. It is said that there were changes to a development plan for a property for their own offspring, as the resigned later explained in a letter. The allegations went back and forth and will also deal with the Munich II Regional Court after a defamation lawsuit by the two accused spouses.

Before his own predecessor, however, Sonnleitner was second mayor of Oberhausen – first for a full term until 2020 and then again for a few weeks after the local elections. After two equal votes in the municipal council, the lot finally decided in his favour. But the fact that Sonnleitner had drawn this lot himself was not right for some in Oberhausen, and above all it was not right. The 14 municipal councillors, including members of six different groups and one member of the parliamentary group, did not let lots be drawn again at the time, but instead first elected Sonnleitner’s predecessor and after her resignation then him after all. Now they have to vote again. If necessary, a lot will be drawn.

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