Reports on air raids in the earthquake region – politics

According to an ORF report, Syrian government troops have attacked a city near Aleppo that is held by the opposition. In addition, Turkey is said to have flown airstrikes on areas inhabited by Kurds in northern Syria.

The online portal Middle East Eye Citing Syrian sources and British MPs, Syrian ruler Assad’s troops attacked the city of Marea, 35 kilometers north of Aleppo. And that was just when residents were trying to rescue people who had been buried under collapsed buildings. British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly condemned Assad’s government for the “completely unacceptable bombing”.

According to a report by ZDF, Turkey is also said to have continued attacks on areas predominantly occupied by Kurds. The broadcaster quotes a helper from the Kurdish Red Crescent organization, who explained that there had been more bombardments in the area that had been badly hit by the earthquake: “We had another aftershock last night, and yet Turkish airstrikes continued to be flown,” said Fee Baumann .

The Middle East expert from the Society for Threatened Peoples, Kamal Sido, is said to have confirmed the information to ZDF. Accordingly, Turkey attacked the area around Tall Rifaat, which was affected by the earthquake, where Kurdish refugees from the Afrin region found refuge. “It is scandalous that a NATO country willfully aggravates a humanitarian catastrophe. There is not a word of criticism from other NATO countries,” Sido told ZDF.

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