Rare video: sloth drives away big cat

Photo: María C. Bastidas-Domínguez et al

Watch the video: sloth drives away big cat.

Who would have thought it – even sloths can get their hands on it very quickly!

These are very rare images recorded by the camera of a reserve in August 2022 in the western Amazon region in Ecuador.

With knee-jerk reactions, this specimen defends itself against the bite attacks of an ocelot.

The predator keeps trying to grab him, but the sloth successfully defends itself.

A team led by the researcher María Camila Bastidas-Domínguez, who also published the video on YouTube, evaluated the rare video in a study.

Sloths – better known for their leisurely pace – live almost exclusively in the trees.

According to the researchers, the animals sometimes leave the sheltered treetops to supplement their diet with mineral licks and soil on the ground.

As a rule, such ground excursions take place at night, protected from darkness.

The video now impressively shows why – but also that sloths are not completely defenseless in the unfavorable conditions for them.

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