Quiz: Is your general knowledge good enough? Our test challenges you!

Knowledge test, part 9
How good is your general knowledge? Test yourself in the quiz!

Are you as smart as you think? Our quiz with 17 new questions challenges your general knowledge. Test your knowledge.

Tetris is one of the most famous computer games. The colorful blocks that fall ever faster have pushed many a gaming fan to their limits. The game is now 40 years old, but has lost none of its original charm. But do you know who invented it?

Or do you know what a “Stresemann” is? A little tip: It is a term from the fashion sector. Maybe you’re even wearing one now without knowing it?

In our general knowledge quiz at star That’s exactly what we’re asking this week. But not only. It’s also about mathematical puzzles, well-known film characters and botanical names of popular plants.

17 tricky questions from 17 popular categories

Your instrument knowledge will also be put to the test. A total of 17 questions cover 17 different areas. From A to Z, from the earth’s core to outer space, from the Middle Ages to modern times. That is a promise, but also a challenge.

“Knowledge is power,” said the English philosopher Francis Bacon. Later, the addition “Don’t know, don’t mind” was ironically added.

It’s a bit like that with our quiz: with a broad general knowledge you can make it to the top ranks. But just because you didn’t know a question in one area doesn’t mean you can’t do well in the next one.

A knowledge quiz arouses interest: you will surely want to find out more

Our quiz offers suggestions so that you can then delve deeper into a topic. Some facts are also suitable for small talk with colleagues during the lunch break or for discussion at the next family coffee. To stimulate, to show off, to delve deeper, to have heard it before.

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It’s best if you even join forces with friends, acquaintances and colleagues. You can solve the quiz together or have a little competition against each other. No matter what you decide, please let us know your result and share your personal quiz experience with us. We wish you much success!

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