Puy du Fou beats (again) its attendance record with 2.5 million visitors in 2023

A must for tourists this summer. Puy du Fou, Vendée amusement park renowned for its historical frescoes, has welcomed 2.5 million visitors since the start of its 2023 season. A record since the creation of the site by Philippe de Villiers, we learned Tuesday. “Never before has Puy du Fou welcomed so many people and never before has Puy du Fou experienced such progress in a single year,” the park announced in a press release. The Puy du Fou season, which started in April with a new show presented as one of the most expensive in the world, will end on November 5.

In total, 2.34 million people had visited Puy du Fou in 2022, and 2,308,000 in 2019, before the health crisis. “This success confirms Puy du Fou’s creative strategy and rewards the passion of our teams”, rejoiced Nicolas de Villiers, president of the park. The first show was presented by his father in 1978.

ambition abroad

Building on its hexagonal success, the park, criticized by some historians, has displayed its international ambition for several years, with in particular the opening in 2021 of Puy du Fou España, near Toledo, in Spain.

This park should pass this year “the symbolic milestone of one million annual visitors, with 1.1 million visitors expected in 2023”, by the end of its season, on November 12.

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