Public health lecturer: “shouldn’t have closed schools completely” – Munich

Three years after the outbreak of the corona pandemic, an assessment is made. Did politicians make the right decisions? Did she rely too much on the virologists and not hear enough from other scientists? Which measures were appropriate, which excessive? Eva Rehfuess teaches Public Health at the Ludwig Maximilian University. Your subject focuses on the health of the population and thus also on the – positive and negative – consequences of preventive measures. With Corona, that was suddenly in demand like never before since Max von Pettenkofer’s time. The Munich resident founded the world’s first hygiene institute in 1879. Eva Rehfuess’ workplace is in an unadorned concrete block not far from the Großhadern Clinic. She coordinated the guideline for dealing with Corona in schools and spoke out early on against school closures. At the beginning of the pandemic, she says, she worked day and night while her husband looked after their two children at home.

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