Psychiatrist on ADHD: “These people make our lives more colorful”

ADHD is often associated with hyperactivity and chaos. The disorder does not only have negative sides, says psychiatrist Dr. Andreas Jähne. In conversation with the star he does away with the cliché of the hyperactive boy and explains what those affected really need.

ADHD is a term that is familiar to almost everyone these days, but very few really know what it is all about. How can you imagine all this?

There are two subtypes of the disorder: ADD and ADHD. This means that the well-known hyperactivity is not present in some patients. ADD patients then tend to suffer from impulsiveness or sustained attention. These are often people who are very imaginative. It’s not as noticeable from the outside as the active boy who just does nonsense all the time.

They talk about boys…

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