Protest: cake on royal wax figure: climate activists have to pay

Cake on royal wax figure: climate activists have to pay

The wax model of King Charles III. will be smeared with a cake. photo

© Just Stop Oil/PA/dpa

A chocolate cake protest has cost two environmental activists dearly. You have to shell out almost 4000 euros and also pay for the court costs.

Because they are the image of King Charles III. threw cakes at Madame Tussauds in London, climate activists in the UK have to pay thousands of pounds in compensation.

A 20-year-old woman and a 29-year-old man pressed vegan chocolate cake in the character’s face last October. You belong to the Just Stop Oil group, which is demanding that the government in London not issue any new licenses for the development of fossil fuels

Now they have to pay a total of 3,500 pounds (almost 4,000 euros) in compensation to the tourist attraction, as the Westminster Magistrates Court decided. The two were also found guilty of criminal damage to property.

The sculpture had to be repainted after the protest, and the clothes had to be cleaned. After the fact, the flow of visitors to the wax museum was also interrupted and the figures of Charles and his queen, Camilla, were removed for the rest of the day.

The activists had denied the allegation of property damage and claimed during the court hearing that they had carefully considered what food they used for the protest. The idea of ​​pouring hot soup over the wax sculpture was rejected. In addition to compensation, the two must also pay court costs of £250 each. The young woman, who has already been convicted of similar offenses, must also do 90 hours of community service.


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