Prince William: At the “Earthshot” award, he pays attention to sustainability

He came with his wife Catherine
No flights, old clothes: What was paid attention to at Prince Williams’ climate protection event

Prince William and Duchess Catherine at the “Earthshot” awards ceremony in London

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When the first “Earthshot” award was presented in London, founder Prince William emphasized the importance of climate protection. At the event itself, too, great importance was attached to sustainability.

Together with naturalist David Attenborough, Prince William has launched an award that honors special achievements in climate protection. At the weekend the first “Earthshot Prize” was awarded in London with a festive gala.

Five winners could look forward to a million pounds each. One of the awards went to Costa Rica for the Ministry of the Environment’s efforts to protect the rainforest.

Prince William: “Earthshot Prize” awarded

Prince William warned in his speech that we are living in “the most momentous time in human history”. And so the entire event was planned to match the topic. The royals and guests present did not walk over a red, but over a green carpet in the Alexandra Palace.

And both William and Kate chose outfits they’d worn before. William came in a green velvet tuxedo, reminiscent of Daniel Craig’s outfit at the “James Bond” premiere, Duchess Catherine chose a lilac Alexander McQueen dress. She wore the dress for the first time in 2011 at a Bafta reception.

Value on sustainability

In the invitations to the event, it was pointed out that the topic of the evening should be taken into account when choosing clothes and “to be considerate of the environment”. In addition, it was important that none of the invited have to travel to London by plane.

Prince William in conversation with Pakistani children

The guests included the bands Coldplay and BTS. Actress and activist Emma Watson presented the award to a company that converts renewable electricity into zero-emission hydrogen gas. Her colleague Emma Thompson gave the laudation for the city of Milan, which has set itself the goal of halving its waste volumes by 2030.

“I want to say something to all of the young people watching tonight. We haven’t done enough to protect the planet for your future for too long. But Earthshot is for you. In the next ten years we will act. We will. We will do that.” Find solutions to repair our planet, “said the evening’s host, Prince William, addressing the younger generation.

The award ceremony is to take place in the USA next year.


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